Weird and wonderful…

One of the best things about delivering ‘PAT Testing’ training courses at customer’s premises, is the non-standard electrical equipment we come across. We are all very familiar with typical office computers, kettles, vacuum cleaners and power tools… and how to carry out the necessary inspection and tests has been well documented for years. But sometimes we come across specialist equipment which has got the customer scratching their heads when it comes to checking it’s safety.

Ultimately there aren’t many different types of electrical equipment, so once we have established which type it is, the inspection and electrical tests are actually quite straight forward.

Our ‘PAT Testing’ courses start with the basics and we build from there. We teach the differences between the different types of electrical equipment, from a construction point of view, as well as what checks are required to ensure it is safe to use.

Whether you have a kettle, a fridge freezer, a bain marie or a MIG welder, they are built the same way on the inside and just look different from the outside. In essence they are the same thing, so if you can inspect and test a kettle, you can inspect and test anything.