Quiz 2 – PAT Testing Basics

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PAT Testing Basics

Inspecting and Testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT Testing) isn't just about electricity.  Anybody carrying out the role needs a good understanding of electrical equipment in general and knowledge of the terminology we use.  If you are new to the role, this quiz may be quite challenging.  If you are experienced, it should be straight forward.

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Which of the pieces of information on a flex indicate it's intended use?

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When testing a earth path, a result considered to be 'perfect' would be...

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What is the only recognised way to identify whether an item has been constructed as Class I or Class II?

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What does a typical Class I item have, which a Class II item doesn't?

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Standard 3 pin plugs in the UK are made to a specific British Standard.  Which number should we look for on a UK plug?

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Which of the following televisions has been constructed as Class II?

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Which of the pieces of information on a flex indicate it's core cross-sectional area?

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When carrying out an Earth Continuity Test on a Class I appliance, what could be considered an acceptable test result and an instant 'PASS'?

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Increasing the length of an earth path does what to its resistance?

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What unit is power measured in?

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How often should the accuracy of your test instrument be verified and recorded?

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Which test voltage should be used when carrying out an Insulation Resistance Test on a surge protected extension lead?

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An Extra Low Voltage item is characterised by which one of the following?

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The User Check includes checking the wall socket

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To be able to carry out a User Check you need a formal qualification

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What would you do if the appliance label was missing?

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What unit is resistance measured in?

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Which of the pieces of information on a flex indicate how many conductors it has?

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Which one of the following is the Class II construction mark?

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Extra Low Voltage items have an input voltage of up to...?

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