PAT Testing Quiz

basic-electrical-knowledge-quiz-65 basic-pat-testing-quiz-65

The first quiz below is designed to test your basic electrical knowledge.  There are 20 questions, each with a single correct answer.

If you don’t get everything right at the first attempt, have another go.

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Basic PAT Testing Quiz

The following quiz goes into more detail surrounding In-service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT Testing) and starts to put a few technical ideas and terms into the mix.

Much of what you see may be new to you, so we don’t expect you to pass first time, but the reason for the correct answer is displayed after each answer  If you have a few attempts you will start to understand it a bit more.

Don’t expect it to be easy!  PAT Testing is a technical subject involving physical, engineering and mathematical principals

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cop-rev-4-12IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment

The IET are widely seen as the governing body of the PAT Testing industry and for many years have published a code of practice.  The latest version is the 4th Edition which was launched in November 2012 and contains a large amount of general information regarding PAT Testing and related subjects in the workplace.

Anyone who is serious about PAT Testing (either as a contractor or in-house) should have a copy of this book to refer to whenever necessary.


electricity-and-you-30HSE Maintaining portable electric equipment in low-risk environments

Over the years, the amount of PAT Testing being carried out has increased and in some cases is out of control. A study by the HSE in 2012 identified that in some work environments, inspection and testing of electrical equipment (PAT Testing) can be kept to a minimum, as the associated risks are minimal.

This document helps to describe the typical PAT Testing requirements for a low-risk environment e.g. an office.