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Basic Electrical Knowledge

To inspect and test electrical equipment, we need to know a certain amount about electricity.  This quiz is designed to test what you know and make any corrections where necessary.  You may be surprised at what you have picked up over the years.

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How many pins does a BS1363 plug have?

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Who is responsible for the safety of electrical equipment on a daily basis?

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Electrical resistance is defined as...

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How many 4-way extension leads should be connected together (daisy chained)?

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All electrical equipment must have a protective earthing conductor (earth wire)?

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The BS1362 fuse in a plug is specifically designed to protect what?

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Which one of the following fuses is correct?

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Which of the following BS1363 plugs is acceptable?

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What should you do prior to plugging a new item of electrical equipment into the socket?

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What colour is a 13 Amp fuse?

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