What is ‘PAT Testing’?

Officially, ‘PAT Testing’ doesn’t exist.  The correct name is ‘In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment’.

Whatever you want to call it, it involves ensuring electrical equipment provided in a workplace is safe to use.  Similar to an MOT for a vehicle.

Through a series of activities we can determine if the electrical equipment in question is safe to use… therefore meeting our duty of care.

Who can ‘PAT Test’?

Unlike in many industries, formal training to carry out the ‘PAT Testing’ role isn’t actually required.  However, anyone undertaking the role has to be able to display a good level of competency.

If there was an incident, there could be an investigation.  If the person carrying out the role was found to be incompetent, they and their employer could be found to be negligent and responsible for the injury or damaged caused.

What do I need?

The main attribute you need is commonsense.  We can teach the technical aspects, but without commonsense it’s pointless.  To carry out the role to the correct standard you will need:

    • attention to detail
    • be methodical
    • be able to follow a list of instructions
    • have a good level of English
    • have an understanding of basic mathematics
    • a technical background always helps
    • good colour vision i.e. not colourblind

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Where will the course be delivered, at your premises (if it’s within 2 hours of our base at S80 2FT) or at our offices in Worksop?

We can train up to 12 people at your site, assuming you have a large enough training room, or up to 12 in the training suites at our offices

Do you have a room we can use which is large enough and quiet enough… with some elbow room, tables for us to use, a 230V mains electrical supply and refreshments for the delegates

PAT Testing Training Courses

From £229.00 +VAT

Price is for 1 delegate

(Add more delegates for £100.00 +VAT each)

Sometimes it’s not possible to deliver a course at your premises, as there isn’t a suitable room we could use.  Or maybe you only want a small number of people training.  In this case, we would invite you to our offices in Worksop where we would deliver the same course, but at our place – not yours.

Our fully equipped training rooms enable us to create informative and varied courses in a modern environment.

Our postcode is S80 2FT

From £429.00 +VAT

Price includes up to 4 delegates

(Add more delegates for £100.00 +VAT each)

We are very happy to deliver your ‘PAT Testing’ course at your place of work.  This is often the preferred method, as we can show your people how to inspect and test their own electrical equipment, in their own work environment.

This often makes people more relaxed and helps them reach the required standard.

Our minimum price includes the first 4 delegates

Our maximum travel time is 2 hours from our offices at S80 2FT

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On-site ‘PAT Testing’ Courses

(Add more delegates for £90.00 +VAT each)

We are all aware of the cost of living issues at the moment and it looks like our increased prices will be around for a long time.  Our way of helping good causes is to give a little back in the form of a 10% discount.

To qualify, you need the following:

Be a school, college or Registered Charity

Book a course to be delivered at your premises

Remember, our maximum travel time is 2 hours from our offices at S80 2FT

Will you train us at our premises?

While we would love you to come to our offices in Worksop, we understand that in most cases it wouldn’t be practical.  Therefore, we are happy to come to you at your place of work… as long as you are within 2 hours drivetime from our offices.

The counties we will visit are as follows:

Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Norfolk, Rutland, Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside, Bedfordshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Greater Manchester


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Obviously our availability changes from day to day on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.  We don’t reserve dates until we have received your completed Booking Confirmation.

Due to the popularity of our courses people tend to book them 8 to 10 weeks in advance, to avoid disappointment.  However, if you need a course at short notice, we may be able to fit you in.  We even train on Saturdays at no extra cost, if that’s what you need.

To book a course, you need to contact us at info@priorytrainingacademy.co.uk without delay, or your preferred dates may have already been taken.

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