Before we embark on the ‘PAT Testing’ journey, let’s get something straight.  While most of the role is about common sense and observation, there are some technical aspects too… namely basic electrical theory.

Now, we all did science at school, so you will have all come across most of the physical principals you will see on a ‘PAT Testing’ course.  The main issue is that if we don’t use something we become rusty very quickly, irrespective of the subject.

The quizzes below are designed to… (a) dig deep into your brains and find any basic electrical knowledge you had… and (b) introduce some of the ideas and terminology we will be using on the ‘PAT Testing’ course.

A lot of what you will see in this quiz you will have seen before, either through your studies, your work or through everyday life.  Many people don’t score well on the first attempt, but give it a few goes and see how you improve.  The average score is around 60% on the first attempt.

We don’t expect you to very well at all on this quiz, but don’t be disheartened, have another go.  We would suggest having 3 or 4 attempts and to make it a little more challenging the questions appear randomly, as do the positions of the correct answers.  Good luck