Final exam

You have learned a lot, but how much of it can you remember, understand and put into practice? This exam will test all aspects of the role and ensure you…

Electrical tests quiz

A small but important part of the 'PAT Testing' role is the testing of electrical equipment, to ensure the 'safety features' are capable of performing their function. Understanding electricity and…

Classes of equipment quiz

Different examples of electrical equipment can have different features which help protect the user from electric shock. Knowing what the different protection features are helps us understand what electrical tests…

Formal visual inspection quiz

Most electrical equipment which fails the inspection and testing process, does so due to physical defects. Being able to spot such defects is critical to the role.

Workplace safety quiz

Electrical equipment is generally okay, until you put it in the hands of a human. Who is responsible?

Background information quiz

Before we can get into the details, we need to understand the basics of In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT Testing)