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Kewtech EZYPATPLUS Appliance Tester Kit 2 – Industrial

£595.00 ex VAT


Performs Earth bond at 200mA (IT safe)
Battery operated – approx. 1400 tests
Automatic test sequences
PASS / FAIL – Green / Red screens
Appliance status pre-check
Quick check continuity
5 second continuity
250 V and 500 V insulation
Substitute leakage test
Selectable substitute leakage limits
Extension lead test
Test lead nulling
Back light

Also includes…
500 x PASS Labels & 250 x FAIL Labels
5 x BS1363 Plugs
10 x BS1362 3A Fuses, 10 x BS1362 5A Fuses & 10 x BS1362 13A
Insulated Screwdriver Set & Wire Stripper
Cloverleaf Adapter
Log Sheet Pack

110V 16A Test Plug and Socket
230V 16A Test Plug and Socket
415V 16A Test Plug and Socket


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