when was the last time you checked your knowledge and skills?

So you’ve been ‘PAT Testing’ for years, Have you got a copy of the 5th Edition which was released in 2020?

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Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment.

So you’ve been ‘PAT Testing’ for years, but when was the last time you checked your knowledge and skills? As you will be aware, the ‘PAT Testing’ industry has a Code of Practice which outlines everything an inspector needs to know about the Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment. Have you got a copy of the 5th Edition which was released in 2020?

1 Day 'PAT Testing' Course:

Designed to equip someone with the knowledge and skills to inspect and test your electrical equipment. Yes it’s quite technical, but there’s nothing in it which we cannot teach. The largest part of the role is inspecting electrical items. This just requires common sense, good attention to detail and a methodical approach. If you can follow a process, great. If you are scatter-brained, you will find ’PAT Testing’ difficult.

1 day or 2? ‘PAT Testing’ Course:

The vast majority of our courses are delivered in 1 day. There is a lot to cover and it is quite fast paced, but we generally need from 9am to 4pm to cover everything in enough detail. Some people are a little nervous and unsure of their abilities, so they request a 2 day course. It is the same great syllabus, but taken at a slower pace and with more hands-on practice.

Don’t have a training room for on-site courses?

While a nice, fully equipped training room is the ideal scenario for us, we recognise that this isn’t always available. We need a warm, quiet space, where we won’t be disturbed with at least 1 table, chairs for all of the delegates and enough elbow room for the practical sessions. This could be an office, workshop, laboratory, canteen or school hall etc.


If we can’t come to you!

You could always come to us. Based in Lincolnshire, we are easily accessible from the A1 and A46. We have different training rooms for different group sizes capable of seating up to 12 delegates. Many of the courses held at our premises are 1 to 1. Maybe the delegate is a sole trader, part of a small company or simply feels more comfortable in a 1 to 1 training session, we can look after your every need.

Our Prices

On-Site 'PAT Testing' Course


ex VAT

Up to 4 Delegates

We come to your workplace

Theory & Practical

Maximum travel radius of 150 miles of DN21 1DY

Suitable for beginners

Certificate upon successful completion of the course

Online 'PAT' Refresher Course


ex VAT

Previous PAT Testing Training Required

Knowledge of electrical terminology

Currently practising PAT Testing as part of your role

Have some PAT Testing experience

Learn at your own pace

Certificate upon successful completion of the course

Premium 1 to 1 'PAT Testing' Course


ex VAT

1 to 1 Training

Delivered at Mercury House, Gainsborough DN21 1DY

Theory & Practical

Suitable for beginners

No PAT knowledge required

Certificate upon successful completion of the course


Are you a School or Charity?

To help a little, all schools and charities will automatically receive a 10% discount off all on-site PAT Testing Training Courses. When you book your course with us, we will give you a coupon code to use in our online store.

Trivia Questions & Myths:

Q: What does ’PAT Testing’ stand for?

A: ‘Portable Appliance Testing Testing’… it’s a made up name.  The correct name for what we are doing has always been ‘In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment’

Q: I have to ‘PAT Test’ all of my appliances every year, don’t I?

A: Who says you do?  ‘PAT Testing’ has always followed a risk-based approach.  You should carry out your own risk assessment and decide how often your equipment should be inspected and tested. To carry out ‘PAT Testing’ you have to be a qualified electrician. Wrong.  You need to be competent at ‘In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment’ ‘PAT Testing’ is a legal requirement. Wrong.  You need to ensure your electrical equipment at work is maintained and safe to use.  ‘PAT Testing’ is just a method of achieving this.  You could devise your own method, but this is like reinventing the wheel. We only have to ‘PAT Test’ portable appliances. Wrong.  Due to confusion over the years as to what is included and what isn’t, the word ‘portable’ has been removed from the latest Code of Practice.  A convector heater screwed to the wall… a 50” screen on the wall in reception… a projector hanging from the ceiling… a hand dryer in the toilet… none of these are ‘portable’ as they are fixed to the building, but they are still included in our remit.  There are more items than you think.

Q: Will I have to buy an expensive test device?

A:  No.  Test devices range in price from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand.  We would always   recommend  getting a ‘middle of the range’ device.  As long as it will carry out the necessary tests and is calibrated to prove it’s accuracy, it will be okay.  More features doesn’t mean it’s ‘better’, it’s just likely to be harder to use, slower, more fragile and certainly more expensive.  Anyway, like with any machine it is only as good as the person driving it.

Our Valued Customers

Our Customers love us learn what they have to say about our services

"Thank you very much for coming in yesterday and doing the PAT training. The boys thoroughly enjoyed your course and found it very, very educational; there was lots of positive feedback”


"Just a bit of feedback from myself on todays training. Traditionally I am not a big fan of training sessions I have participated in for one reason or another. Todays session was a breath of fresh air and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Not only did I take a lot from it, I feel the team will benefit on a large scale. Like I mentioned we have an influx of new starters so we will no doubt be in contact about future training. Thanks for your time and efforts in training us up."


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