PAT Testing Course Prices

Option 1 – we come to your premises

This is by far our most popular course.  Many companies want to take more control of their PAT Testing – whether it is a case of doing it all themselves, looking after items which arrive on-site between regular PAT Testing dates, or keeping a close eye on PAT Testing contractors visiting the site.

We visit your site and show your nominated staff how to correctly inspect and test your electrical equipment to the required standard – at your pace, in your environment.  In addition to this, as we are on your premises we can show your staff how to look after your own specific equipment and make the training course as realistic as possible.

By coming to you and using your training room or meeting room, your staff don’t have to make the trip to our offices.  This means that the length of their day is kept as normal as possible, they don’t have to sit in traffic and your company doesn’t have additional travel costs. Everybody wins.

£429.00 +VAT for up to 4 delegates (£100.00 +VAT for each additional delegate)

Schools & Charities automatically benefit from 10% off Option 1 prices

£386.10 +VAT for up to 4 delegates (£90.00 +VAT for each additional delegate)


Option 2 – you come to our premises

Let’s face it, some people learn better in a neutral environment, or maybe you don’t have the facilities to enable on-site training at your premises.  In this case, why not come to us.  We can deliver the same PAT Testing Training Course in one of our training suites.  We have countless electrical items which you can practice with as well as some of the latest test devices.  All you need to bring is yourself, your Covid-19 ppe and plenty of questions for the instructor.  This is an ‘Open Course’ meaning it is open to anyone from any company and any ability.  With group numbers limited to a maximum of 8, you could find yourself sharing the course with other people from other industries, but the fundamentals of PAT Testing apply to all equipment, regardless of the environment they are in.  If you have your own test device, bring it along, but if you don’t, you can use one of ours.

The 10% School & Charity discount doesn’t apply on this course

£129.00 +VAT per delegate


Option 3 – you come to our premises for ‘one to one’ tuition

Hands up who doesn’t like asking questions when there are others on the same course… as I suspected, a number of people.  To help with this, we have been delivering the same PAT Testing Training Course to individuals on a ‘one to one’ basis for some time.  This allows the student to be more relaxed, they can work at their own pace, they are more inclined to ask questions (irrespective of how silly they think the question is) and again, the course can be tailored to suit the individual and the electrical equipment they will be working with.

The 10% School & Charity discount doesn’t apply on this course

£229.00 +VAT per delegate


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