PAT Testing Paperwork

Whilst PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) isn’t a legal requirement, you do have a legal responsibility to ensure your premises are safe for your staff, visitors and customers.  If you choose to carry out PAT Testing, or have it completed by an external company (PAT company, electrician etc), it is good practice to record the results – whether good or bad – to prove you have taken action to ensure the safety of your site.

Again, whilst not a legal requirement to record your findings, it will certainly help you describe your findings, should there ever be an incident and subsequent investigation by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive).  Remember, as the Duty Holder of the site you are legally bound and any evidence of you actions will clearly help you.

The documents below will help you to demonstrate what you did to your appliances (inspection and testing), when it was carried out and what you found (the inspection and test results).  Where possible they should be accompanied with a method of working to clearly describe the PAT Testing methods you employ.

PAT Testing Results Log Sheet

The Results Log Sheet allows you to record a lot of information about individual appliances, including their unique appliance number, location, results of a formal visual inspection, results of the electrical tests you have carried out and the overall status of the appliance i.e. has it PASSED or FAILED the PAT Testing process.