PAT Testing Equipment

PAT Testing itself isn’t rocket science, but many people still expect the test device to do the work for them.  However, PAT Testing isn’t all about plugging an electrical item into a tester, pressing some buttons and “hey presto…” – far from it.  Even the most expensive (and you will notice I didn’t say “the best” tester) out there will only find around 5% of appliance fails, the rest of them are found at the Formal Visual Inspection part of the process.

Whilst the tester is certainly limited in what it can do for us, it is still important to ensure you have a device which will deliver the tests identified in the IET Code of Practice.  That is why we prefer to use the Kewtech EZYPAT.  It’s a middle of the range machine which does all of the required tests and a little extra too, without being over complicated or overpriced.

Please see the kits below which have been put together to suit most work environments: