PAT Testing Online Refresher

EZYPAT PLUS Battery Operated 230V / 110V Run Leakage

When you need to power on the appliance to test fully, then the EZYPAT PLUS is a great non-downloading option.

Mains or Battery?

You have probably been looking at ‘PAT Test’ devices and have come away with more questions than answers. As with


Recording results

Recording results. While there is no legal requirement to record your ‘PAT Test’ results, it is seen as good practice.

Class I, Class II, ELV…what’s it all mean?

Class I, Class II, ELV…what’s it all mean? As in most technical fields, ‘PAT Testers’ also have their own language,

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‘Portable Appliance Testing Testing’…?

‘Portable Appliance Testing Testing’. Why is the name ‘PAT Testing’ in inverted commas? Well, the name ‘PAT Testing’ is actually


How do I use my PAT Tester?

How do I use my PAT Tester?. If I had a pound for every time I went to a site

Planning ahead

With businesses gradually getting back to normal, it is important that we get our workplaces back in order before our

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